The Supreme Court ruling and the strategy of the LGBT activists

by Robin Rowan | Jul. 9th, 2015

Supreme Court Justice Alito, in his dissenting opinion on the ruling legalizing same sex marriage, said “If a bare majority of Justices can invent a new right and impose that right on the rest of the country, the only real limit on what future majorities will be able to do is their own sense of what those with political power and cultural influence are willing to tolerate.”

After over 30 years of Christians hesitating to get involved in the political arena, their voice to political power and influence on culture has been greatly diminished. Only with the Christian’s silence has a mere 1.6% of the population claiming to be gay or lesbian, according to the CDC, been successful in the pro-homosexuality of the culture and politics. It is now attacking the very Judea-Christian values the nation was founded on. Christians of all denominations must now unite for a common passion, to protect their freedom of religion.

In order to fight for freedom, we need to look at the strategy of this small minority and see how they are acquiring so much power and influence.

Gaining the support of corporate and philanthropic organizations has been a successful part of the strategy. According to a LGBT activism website, 24% of philanthropic giving by private foundations went to LGBT issues, and many of the largest US corporations not only fund LGBT activist organizations, but also signed the amicus brief that was submitted to the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage.


The big business of Gay Activism

In the quest of the LGBT community to convince, or force, the American public to accept their lifestyle choice, they have first gained the support of corporate and philanthropic America. Christians in America are under attack for not coming into the fold. Getting the large companies to support the LGBT political agenda was the first part of their strategy.  What happens when the Evangelical Christian community finds out who is funding the LGBT groups that are attacking them? Will the Christian community stand against in protest by boycotting these companies?

On June 26th, 2013 the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act “unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.” On the same day, the Supreme Court refused to rule on overturning a federal appeals court deeming Proposition 8, California’s one man- one woman marriage law unconstitutional by violating the Fourteenth Amendment. The Huffington Post quickly published “27 Companies That Aren’t Afraid to Support the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling.”

The companies came out with strong public comments supporting the LGBT community. Even though the gay community was less than 3% of the population, these companies had no fear of retribution of the citizens of California that experienced their votes rescinded by Federal Court. The companies knew the Christians would be silent. Because of this silence, the political strength of the LGBT activists has grown exponentially, and has taken on an uglier form.

Once known as “Gay Pride,” the movement morphed into and acronym of LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The fifth letter now often appears in LGBTQ. The “Q”, once meaning “queer” is now told to children as standing for “Questioning.” Now questioning your sexuality can put you in a community that demands civil rights.


 Follow the money.

 The LGBTQ acronym is raising tens of millions of dollars in grants and non-profit funding. “Funders for LGBTQ Issues set the ambitious goal of increasing foundation funding for LGBTQ issues by more than $70 million (a nearly 55 percent increase) from $129.1 million in 2013 to $200 million in 2017.” 

This is only one community funding group. With community outreach and organizing, the intent is to help people in the LGBTQ community “come out of poverty” and assist with other social needs. So now, if someone says they are questioning their sexual orientation, they can apparently belong to a group that can receive aid from these non-profit organizations. The LGBT community is trying to obtain strength in numbers.


 Activism or Terrorism?

Supreme Court Justice Thomas stated in his dissenting opinion “It appears all but inevitable that the two will come into conflict, particularly as individuals and churches are confronted with demands to participate in and endorse civil marriages between same-sex couples.”

The passion of some LGBTQ activists groups has, even before this ruling, taken on a form of attack against those who do not support their agenda. In extreme efforts to intimidate the Evangelical Christian community, a target has been set on businesses that do not want to participate in Gay Marriages, and organizations that stand against it. 

In February 2013, it crossed the threshold into domestic terrorism as a LGBT activist attacked the Family Research Council office in Washington DC. Armed and intent to kill as many as he could, he shot the building manager before being subdued. The perpetrator plead guilty to committing an act of terrorism while armed. 

Even though this was the only recent conviction of domestic terrorism, the Department of Justice does not name LGBT activists or anti-Christian groups as domestic terrorist threats.

The Department of Justice website defines it as “Domestic terrorism includes acts within the territorial U.S. that are dangerous to human life, violate federal or state criminal laws, have no actual connection to international terrorists, and appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population…”

“Current domestic terrorism threats include animal rights extremists, eco-terrorists, anarchists, antigovernment extremists such as “sovereign citizens” and unauthorized militias, Black separatists, White supremacists, anti-abortion extremists, and other unaffiliated disaffected Americans, including “lone wolfs.” Domestic terrorism cases often involve firearms, arson or explosive offenses, crimes relating to fraud, and threats and hoaxes.” (DOJ website on domestic terrorism)

An Oregon bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. According to a Fox News report by Todd Starnes , within days of the word getting out that they had refused to bake a cake, militant homosexuals groups launched protests and boycotts against the Kleins, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Klein received messages threatening to kill his family. “They hoped his children would die.”

The LGBT protestors then turned on other wedding vendors around the community. They threatened to boycott any florists, wedding planners or other vendors that did business with Sweet Cakes By Melissa.
“That tipped the scales,” Klein said. “The LGBT activists inundated them with phone calls and threatened them. They would tell our vendors, ‘If you don’t stop doing business with Sweet Cakes By Melissa, we will shut you down.’”

The State of Oregon launched an investigation against the Klein family and they are being fined $135,000. No charges were filed against the activists that threatened their lives and intimidated the their vendors.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa was part of a wave of intimidation on Christian businesses. It happened in New Mexico to Christian photographers who refused to work a gay wedding, in Indianapolis against a bakery that refused to make rainbow cookies for gay pride day, a T-shirt company that refused to make t-shirt for gay pride day. They have faced an onslaught of social media attacks, threats, debilitating financial loses due to legal costs and loss of business. Charges and even fines were levied against some, but not the LGBT activists intimidating and harassing them. This has to stop.


Now that Gay Marriage is legal we can prepare for this intimidation on Christians to increase. If Christians will press charges against the LGBT activists that intimidate and threaten them, and can get support of Christian media and legal assistance, the tide could be turned in other direction with public awareness.


 Standing up with the buying power of Christians.

Chick-fil-A sales soared after the owner stated his support of traditional marriage and came under attack by LGBT activists. The record breaking sales on “Chick-fil-A appreciation day” continued with 2012 sales of $4.6 billion, a growth of 14% from the previous year. The company also opened 96 new stores, four more than the previous year, according to the Atlanta Journal. In 2014 sales shot to nearly $6 billion.

Franklin Graham, while he did not call for a boycott as reported by some, did pull the bank accounts of Samaritans Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association from Wells Fargo after they ran a national ad campaign featuring a same sex couple.

The company 2ndVote encourages Conservatives to vote with their wallets. “Organizations and Interest Groups that advocate for various issues, both on the conservative and liberal side, spend tremendous amounts of money each year to advance those causes. This money comes from individual donors, grants, and most importantly, corporate contributions. 2ndVote is developing the most complete database that makes it easy for conservatives to follow the money and see how the companies you shop with every day are spending the money you spend with them.”

The free app provides a rating of companies based on their contributions to liberal or conservative groups.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is one of the largest groups behind the radical LGBT activism. 2ndVote has listed corporations that support HRC, as well as  listed the companies that signed the amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage.

Some of the companies that are funding the LGBT causes are part of everyday life, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple. Many companies are easy to avoid, like StarBucks, Barnes and Noble, Ben and Jerrys, Target, Citigroup, Comcast, Hilton, Marriott and others. The complete lists can be found at

As Conservative Christians we need to raise our voices by increasing our “political power and cultural influence” as Justice Alito mentioned. We can start long term transformation by becoming engaged in the political process, in not only the election of local, state and national officials, but also with the election of the Judges.  And with the power of the wallet, we can refuse to give resources to those who will use them to undermine our beliefs and values, but instead give them to businesses that support our values. Let us start putting our money where faith is, as Franklin Graham has done.    

The line has been drawn, let the sleeping giant awaken. It is time for the Christian community to stand in strength of voice and action.

Robin Rowan 6/26/2015

Robin Rowan

Robin Rowan

Ms. Rowan is recipient of the "Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism" for her work in Baghdad, Iraq and Washington, DC. Her role of many years with the US Government as a fraud analyst mandated truth over politics, a passion she carries boldly today.

She is ordained in ministry under MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries based in Fort Mill South Carolina.

For six years she has lobbied members of  the US Congress in both the House and Senate on issues concerning the US-Israel relationship. She currently serves on the National Council for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and has been a panel speaker at AIPAC's annual Policy Conference in Washington DC. 

 In ministry Robin operates in a seer gifting, Word of Knowledge, and prophetic gifts. Her combination of insightful spiritual gifts and intricate study  of the Middle East gives her a  unique perspective on Israel, the Middle East, and our national security.

Robin speaks to churches and secular groups throughout the country educating them on Israel, the Middle East and how God is moving in the midst of the chaos. She is currently providing political activation and impact training to raise the voice of the church to the culture and governmental issues of our day.

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