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We sincerly apologize to those of you that tried to make donations in the past and recieved an error message that this site was not secure. We see now that there were thousands of people attempting to make donations, and did not. It was an error message we were unaware of and has been repaired. We have now switched from PayPal to a more secure donation hub, via Transactions for Hope. It is completely secure and we do not share your information.  The credit cards fees we are charged with Transactions for Hope are over 50% less than Pay Pals fees, they are a Christian company, and they give back a percentage of the processing fees to the ministry.  If you would like more information on this for your own organization, please see this website 

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Since 2006,, and now, has been freely promoting Kingdom minded events and ministries. We do not charge for posting events, but our website costs are high.

Our heart is to educate and activate His people, to help bring in the Outpouring of His spirit we are about to see in North America. We appreciate your support.
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