Nathan Morris

  • Ministry: Shake the Nations
  • Location:Shake the Nations USA, Daphne, Alabama United-States
Nathan Morris

Shake The Nations, the evangelistic ministry of Nathan Morris, has the privilege of preaching the gospel throughout the world. Since 2006, more than 100,000 people respond to the message of Jesus Christ at Shake The Nations events. Nathan, who became a Christian in 2002, has traveled throughout Africa and India, seeing many Muslims and Hindus convert to Christianity at huge Christian gospel campaigns. At these meetings, many documented healings have taken place, with the blind, deaf and crippled all claiming to have been healed.

In 2010, Nathan, was invited to speak at Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, the church led by Pastor John Kilpatrick, for what was meant to be a two-day conference. However, as God’s power began to fall and hundreds were saved and healed, the meetings were extended into what is now being called the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival.

Upcoming Events for Nathan Morris

Feb 21

Nathan Morris at TRINITYalgood Church

Location: Algood, Tennessee
Feb 26-27

Fire Fall 2016 (Nathan Morris)

Join Pastor Jay Bailey, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Solid Rock Church for this two day event. Friday, February 26@ 7PM Saturday, February 27 @ 6PM This event is free to...

Location: Midland, Georgia
Mar 13-15

Nathan Morris at King’s Cathedral Oahu

Join Pastors Josh and Shannon Marocco, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Kings Cathedral Church Oahu for this three day event in Hawaii. Sunday, March 13 @ 10:15AM & 5PM...

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Mar 16-20

Nathan Morris at King’s Cathedral Maui

Join Dr. James Marocco, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Kings Cathedral Church Maui for this four day event on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Wednesday, March 16 @ 7PM Thursday,...

Location: Kahului, Hawaii
Apr 1-3

Nathan Morris at Church of Truth- Vancouver, Washington

Join Church of Truth and Evangelist Nathan Morris for the three day event in Vancouver, Washington. For more information, please visit: This event...

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Apr 10-12

Nathan Morris at Evangel World Prayer Center- Louisville, KY

Join Pastor Bob Rodgers, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Evangel World Prayer Center for this three day event. Sunday, April 10 @ 5PM Monday, April 11 @ 7PM Tuesday, April 12 @...

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Apr 13

Nathan Morris at River City Church- Owensboro, KY

Please join Pastor Brian Gibson, Evangelist Nathan Morris and the River City Church for this one day event. Wednesday, April 13 @ 7PM This event is free to attend and is open...

Location: Owensboro, Kentucky
Jun 22-23

Nathan Morris at Kings Park International Church

Join Pastor Ron Lewis, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Kings Park International Church for this two day event. Wednesday, June 22 @ 7PM Thursday, June 23 @ 7PM For more...

Location: Durham, North-Carolina
Jun 30-2

STN Legacy Conference 2016 (Nathan Morris)

Location: Parnwell,

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