Church of His Presence (Mobile, AL)

  • Pastor: John Kilpatrick
  • Location: Mobile Location Center, 1 South Water ST, Mobile, Alabama 36602 United-States
  • Website:

"We live in a world that has changed dramatically in the last few decades and is changing almost daily. We believe church should be a place where the Bible is made relevant and understandable. In these times, people are seeking answers to their struggles. They want to know that the Lord loves them - sees them - and will help them with their problems. We need to hear a fresh word from God! The most important thing people are searching for is the presence of God. David said, One day in Thy presence is better than thousands elsewhere Psalm 84:10. We want our church to be a place where you can feel God as soon as you walk through the doors. Church of His Presence was founded on January 8, 2006. "The Lord has blessed us, and we have grown quickly. We have a vision for the Eastern Shore and this entire region."

Insights with John Kilpatrick airs 9:30am EST Friday mornings on GodTV. The program is taped at the Sunday morning Church of His Presence services. Also see John Kilpatrick's website for teachings and more information.